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Not only does Abel Labels provide a wide range of labels for many different industries state-wide and nation-wide, we also provide label application solutions particularly to the wine industry and thermal transfer printers for printing information onto blank pre-cut labels.

Labels perform many functions. They can increase sales, convey important information, add value to your product, attract attention, advertise, cover unwanted information and much more. We provide labels of many different shapes and sizes on a variety of stocks to perform these functions.

Shapes (Die cutting): Most labels we print are cut with basic shapes such as rectangles, squares, ovals, circles and triangles, but we are not limited to just that! Almost any custom shape is possible and it doesn't stop there! Perforation, butt-cutting, top & bottom cutting and multi-level cutting are possible too.

Sizes: We have a vast collection of regular shapes on hand in varying sizes starting from as small as a 6mm circle to larger than an A4 size rectangle. Each press has its size limitations.

Stock: We carry a large range of various stock. The most popular stock used is the Gloss white paper. It is very versatile and is one of the cheapest to print on. > LIST OF STOCK TYPES

Colours: All colours we print are either a CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) composite or a colour from the Pantone matching system. CMYK or process printing is generally used for printing of more than four colours. A photo or scenery is a good example. Printing with Pantone colours is generally used for solid line work such as text and objects. We have the latest Pantone booklets for Solid Coated, Solid Uncoated, Pastels and Metallics.

Foiling: Our Hikari press has the option for Hot Foil Stamping. This works in a similar way to Thermal Transfer printing. A heated magnesium alloy plate transfers the desired shape onto the stock through a foil ribbon creating a mirror like effect with the bright foils or a dull metallic look with the dull foils. A range of specialty foils are also available. We use KURZ foils, a world leading manufacturer.

Embossing: Our Hikari press also has the option for Embossing. Almost any shape or design can be embossed in one of two methods. The first and easiest is Blind embossing. This is exactly the same as foiling only without the foil ribbon and will leave and imprint or deboss of the shape or design in the stock. This works best with thick stocks. The other uses a 'Male' plate with the shape or design and squashes the stock into its 'Female' counterpart to create a lifted emboss that stands out from the stock.